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The funny thing about random book name generators is that many of them are niche specific — which is a good thing.

Therefore, using one type of random title generator for all kinds of books is a bad idea. You might notice that a couple are mentioned multiple times.

Alto's Adventure

But nothing beats a title that shows exactly what people are typing into Amazon. The best non-fiction title is the one that uses the words of the customer. As you can see there are all sizes and shapes when it comes to title name generators. Just remember, these generators are best used to help brainstorm book title ideas and shape how you create your ultimate book title. After you come up with the perfect title, make sure your book cover design and the fonts you choose for your cover are amazing as well to catch those Amazon shoppers.


Manual Adventures with Google Books Finding Neat Stuff Handy, How To, Hints and Tips

Check out the video below to see my favorite book name generators in action and how I a nonfiction title generator can work surprisingly well as a novel title generator. I strongly recommend travelling with a headlamp whilst in the Philippines or anywhere really — every backpacker should have a good headtorch!

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We use it on our own adventures to purify often nasty looking water and it does a beautiful job — we have yet to get sick! The best parties are normally found outside of the main cities, off land and basically whilst island hopping. If you want crazy dance beats, sexy dancers and unlimited alcohol or just a chilled vibe on the beach with a smoke, you got it. On that note; the situation with Drugs in the Philippines has changed big time in the last twelve months.

Police and other authorities have released strong statements regarding the trafficking and use of drugs in the Philippines. Recently, the police have waged a war on drugs resulting in the deaths of hundreds.

Buy some quirky goods

Be careful. Just testing positive to a drug reading could land you in jail for 6 months. If you are going to dabble in illicit substances, at least read Blazed Backpackers for tips on how to stay safe. Sex tourism in the Philippines is big and obvious.

Book Title Generators Explained

I went to a wrestling match AND these young girls were everywhere. Some of them looked well under the age of 18 and were hanging off year-old men. Tinder very much works in The Philippines and the locals are… erm, very friendly. Picking up chicks in The Philippines is relatively easy and Filipinas do love to have a good time.

Alcohol is widely drank and readily available. The Philippines has horrifically strong Red Horse beer and some tasty rums on offer. Whenever you hit the road and go travelling, you need insurance. I recommend World Nomads Travel Insurance — they hands down have the best support and if you do need to claim they will help you get sorted quickly. The Philippines is less conservative than its neighbouring countries of Malaysia, Indonesia and Taiwan when it comes to clothing.

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  • As tourism grows and island hopping and beach parties continue, the dress code is turning more towards the western style we are used to. However, venturing into the less tourist and rural areas it is best to dress more conservatively. When backpacking The Philippines gals, I recommend carrying a Pashmina with you. If you need to cover up to visit that random temple or just need a break from the sun, they are highly recommended by the women-folk.

    This is a regular looking belt with a concealed pocket on the inside — you can hide up to twenty notes inside and wear it through airport scanners without it setting them off. This is hands down the best way to hide your cash. AR bottle are tough, lightweight and maintain the temperature of your beverage — so you can enjoy a cold red bull, or a hot coffee, no matter where you are. Hostel towels are scummy and take forever to dry.

    Planning Ahead for Your Next Break

    Microfibre towels dry quickly, are compact, lightweight and can be used as a blanket or yoga mat if need be. Even if you only end up using it once, a decent head torch could save your life. If you want to explore caves, unlit temples or simply find your way to the bathroom during a blackout, a headtorch is a must. Well worth having, whether you are hanging it from a tree whilst camping, or a hook in a wall, it helps to have quick access to all your stuff.

    The Philippines, like most Asian countries, has popular seasons and of course, the wet season. Thankfully Backpacking the Philippines is great all year round — even in the rain! Want more specifics? Let me break down the rest of the year for you amigos planning to go backpacking in The Philippines…. Dry Season November — April : This is when the weather is at its warmest and the rains are less likely to hit.

    The hottest months and most humid are March to May, temperatures will reach up to 36 degrees. Expect temperatures of around 25 degrees. Rains are much heavier at this time and typhoons are common. Many flights and ferries will be cancelled or face delays. Avoid some of the more rural islands at this time of year. This app is definitely for you. My favourite offline maps app, download your map and route before you venture out to keep you on track while backpacking the Philippines. XE Currency — I used this a lot when backpacking the Philippines.

    Traveling This Holiday Season With Google

    It is a great help while calculating expenses. This particular VPN allows for up to five connections which is handy for keeping all your devices connected without having to purchase multiple VPN packages. Flying into the Philippines was incredible. Thousands of Islands surrounded by a beautiful blue ocean looked like the paradise that was promised after all the hype! Most backpackers travelling in The Philippines start off in Manila, the main flight hub.

    Flights to The Philippines are becoming more frequent.

    How upload your book on Google Books & Google play fast DIY

    I guess you get what you pay for, right? You can get flights with the likes of Air Asia and Philippines Airlines for as little as fifty dollars! Arriving into the Philippines, the majority of nationalities will get a visa allowing one month of travel in The Philippines on arrival. Backpacking the Philippines is easy, even for those with the worst sense of direction!

    Seriously, the country has a spider web of bus routes, making it so easy to get from A to B. Rather than just rocking up at the bus stop in the hope they will have space to fit you on, you can book tickets in advance! Seriously, this saves so much precious time and confusion!

    Ferry : Ferries, or Bangkas , are still one of the cheapest ways to get off the mainland and onto some of the incredible islands. These little wooden outrigger boats, Bangkas, are often uncomfortable and packed full of people. But they are great for boozy island hopping trips! Bangkas are the cheapest option to sail to the islands. If you want to do it more comfort there are larger ferries. Prices for the ferries will range from P — P add an extra thousand for private cabins and tickets can be bought at the pier right up to departure. Just keep an eye on the weather, take it from me; being on one of these tiny boats, packed with people and seasickness is not worth it — and pack suncream!

    You can also book ferries on 12Go. There are a number of domestic, cheap airlines available including the national airline, Philippine Airlines though. The only downside of air travel? You will often have to backtrack to the main hubs of either Cebu or Manila. There are no fixed schedules, you simply hail Jeepneys down from the side of the road and learn their route from what is scribbled on the window that day. Not only will this keep you from getting lost, also less likely to get ripped off.

    Expect to pay around P7 for short journeys or if going between towns, up to P Definitely, try out top-loading sitting on top of the jeepney where possible. In Sagada and other rural parts of The Philippines, you can even chill out on the top of a jeepney with a cheeky smoke.

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    Agree on a price before getting in, expect to pay around P2 per km which is an awesome rate! These are basically small motorbikes with a sidecar attached for passengers. Honestly, these are most fun and scary way to travel around the Philippines. They are everywhere in the rural areas racing around as fast as their little engines will allow. Expect to pay around P7 for a short trip and P25 for a longer one….

    Getting around The Philippines is relatively easy, and with many different modes of transport for all budget levels it seems silly to even consider hitchhiking….