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The ministry of Amos, who called on the kingdom of Israel to repent or face destruction, began about this time. Was the last king of the lengthy dynasty of Jehu.

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Assassinated by his successor after only six months on the throne. Assassinated by Menahem, his successor, after only one month as king. Brutally murdered the pregnant women in the cities that refused to support him as king. Son of Menahem. Was assassinated by Pekah, a military leader. About this time Isaiah began his ministry in the kingdom of Judah, although much of what he said was directed at Israel as well. Formed an alliance with Syria against Assyria. Threatened and, with Syria, finally attacked Judah but with limited success.

Attacked by the Assyrians. Lost all of Galilee, whose inhabitants were exiled to Assyria. Was assassinated by Hoshea, his successor. Surrendered to the Assyrians and agreed to pay heavy tribute. Sought the aid of Egypt against the Assyrians to relieve the heavy burden.

This intrigue resulted in a three year siege of the Northern Kingdom and the collapse of Israel.

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The Assyrians sent into exile most of the people of Israel. Rehoboam had to go to Shechem, the power center of the north, to attempt to obtain the support of the northern tribes. The leaders of the people sought for assurance that relief from heavy taxation would be forthcoming. Being ill-advised by inexperienced, power-seeking aides, King Rehoboam refused any relief and even threatened further increases. The northern tribes then refused to uphold him as king. Through the years that followed, many members of other tribes migrated to the Southern Kingdom and became a part of the nation of Judah.

One attempt to move the kingship to another family through the actions of the wife of one of the kings was thwarted, and the family rule was preserved. The genealogy of the kings of Judah is shown in the chart at the end of this enrichment section. Only four advanced their nation economically and religiously. Permitted idolatrous practices to be established in the land.

Fought with Israel throughout his reign. Son of Rehoboam. Warred against Israel. Defeated a number of cities of the Northern Kingdom and brought them under the control of Judah. Son of Abijam. Began religious reform in the nation with the encouragement of Ahijah the prophet. Destroyed the idols of the people of Judah and banned idolatrous worship. Was attacked by Baasha of Israel but defeated him. Withstood the attack of an Ethiopian force.

Allied with Syria late in his reign against further attacks from Israel. Because of his sickness, three years before his death he appointed his son Jehoshaphat to reign jointly with him. Son of Asa. Ruled jointly with his father for three years before becoming king. Strengthened military fortifications in the kingdom and promoted further religious reform. Established instructional programs directed by the priesthood.

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Joined in an alliance with King Ahab of Israel against the Syrians. King Ahab was killed in the war, but the Syrians were defeated. Established a system of religious and civil courts. Miraculously withstood an attack from the Ammonites and their allies.

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  4. Continued the alliance with Israel in an attempt to jointly establish ships for trade, but the venture failed. Firstborn of Jehoshaphat. Killed his brothers to obtain their wealth and secure the throne after he became the sole ruler. Allowed his idolatrous wife to promote the evil religious practices of Israel in Judah. Withstood a rebellion by the Edomites, who had been a tributary state since the days of David and Solomon. Prevented an Edomite attack on Judah but could not regain control of Edom. His people refused him a royal burial. Son of Jehoram.

    Influenced by his mother, Athaliah, daughter of Ahab of Israel, to follow the idol worship of the north. Allied with Jehoram, his cousin, the king of Israel, against the Syrians. Killed while in Samaria during the coup executed by Jehu, a military leader in Israel who had been anointed king by Elisha the prophet.

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    Jehoram of Israel was assassinated in the same coup. Mother of Ahaziah and daughter of Ahab of Israel. Sought to establish the house of Ahab of the Northern Kingdom on the throne of Judah. Ordered her own grandchildren killed to seize the throne for herself. A righteous priest rescued the youngest heir, however, and hid him in the temple.

    After a number of years this religious leader organized a revolt. Queen Athaliah was put to death, and her grandson Joash was upheld as king of Judah. Son of Ahaziah. Supported the priesthood and renewed the worship of Jehovah. Repaired the temple.

    Turned to idolatrous worship after the death of the leading priest, who had saved his life and his throne. Was severely wounded in an attack on Judah by the Syrians. Gave tribute from the treasures and sacred furnishings of the temple to the Syrians to secure the safety of his people. Was assassinated by his own servants for his wicked deeds, especially those against the priestly family that had preserved his life.

    Son of Joash.


    The Times of Israel - Josiah, Judah's Good King

    Prepared his people and led them victoriously against their long-time enemies, the Edomites, who had been weakened by Assyrian attacks. Reestablished the worship of idols among the people of Judah. Challenged the kingdom of Israel for power and was defeated. Because of that destruction, an insurrection arose against Amaziah. Fled to Lachish for safety but was discovered and put to death. Son of Amaziah. Became king at the age of sixteen and reigned for a total of fifty-two years, jointly occupying the throne with his father for over twenty years.

    Strengthened the nation of Judah. Sought to obey God in his early years but could not purge the land of idolatry. Destroyed the Philistine strongholds and controlled the Philistines and the Arabians. Built up the defenses of Jerusalem and established a large military force. Unlawfully entered the sanctuary of the temple to officiate in priestly rites and was afflicted of the Lord with leprosy for his presumptuous act.

    Lived in isolation until his death.


    Ruled jointly with his son Jotham for the last ten years of his life. Son of Azariah. Continued to strengthen the fortifications of Jerusalem and the cities of Judah.