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Tell mother I remember her eyes are confession halls dark with forgiveness tell mother it's over the bayonets have been cast toward the breasts of our hidden foes underneath these war-clothes. Tell her this is not jihad self-sacrifice is for lambs and the war has baptized me "pig". Tell mother it's over the moon is a geisha tired of parting herself to bleed light.

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October 27, "bayang magiliw perlas ng silanganan alab ng puso sa dibdib mo'y buhay Their Phobia Fear It smells like exhaust and perfume and old Bibles. It tastes like metallic blood from the lip between my teeth.

It sounds like silence, in response to my shriek. She is a scholar, poet, playwright, and activist.


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For over three decades, Sonia has been an influential force in African-American literary and political culture. Sanchez has lectured at more than colleges and universities in the United States. She is the author of 16 books and also a recipient of multiple awards, including as the Frost Medal, the Robert Creeley Award, and a National Endowment for the Arts Award.

Not to mention, she brought interactivity, energy, enthusiasm, and unique tones—as well as an element of jazz—into the narration of the poems.

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She was not shy of candor and often offered truth without sugarcoating. She invested some time explaining the foundation of her book because she deemed it important for the audience to know her mindset when writing it.

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Her poems were fast paced, almost like poetic rap. They were meaningful and profound. She switched from loud reading to whispers, and frequently added sound effects and singing.

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Members of the audience asked the poets their opinions on a variety of topics, such as finding inspiration to write poetry, unethical practices in poetry, and women poets and their struggle to have their voices heard. The panel of poets answered these questions very elaborately while also adding witty humor to their responses.

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I will feel it on and on. Prachi is a Communication Studies graduate student from India who believes good research is more exhilarating than a good read. Needless to say, she is an avid reader, wannabe wine aficionado, professional daydreamer and hopeful to make a career in PR.